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Ankle Pain!!

by Shannon

I have recently developed a severe sharp pain in my left ankle that just comes out of nowhere and lasts for a 5-10 seconds. The pain is like someone taking a knife and stabbing me. It happens on the outside of my foot between my ankle bone and achilles tendon. This is an intermittent pain that started about two weeks ago and it just comes up with no warning. It generally will take me to the ground as I grab my ankle and try to massage it, grasping for anything to stop the brief yet strongly intense pain.

Hi Shannon,
Your smart move would be to see a local foot specialist and at least have an xray. Short of that you could try immobilizing the ankle for a period of ten days to two weeks in an effort to see if that would relieve your symptoms. Ankle splints are sold in local surgical supply stores and might be worth the effort. However, if after two weeks the pain is still present then you will need to see a doctor.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jun 01, 2010
me too!
by: Anonymous

I have had this same sporadic pain problem for a while now. Finally decided to have it looked at in case it was a problem which could get progressively worse. After the Dr read the x-ray he said I have a piece of cartildge which had apparently broken loose from an old ankle injury---this has migrated down to the back part of my ankle. The shooting pains I am experiencing are more than likely this pebble sized piece of "stuff" irritating the joint. Now thinking whether it is worth the option of removing it or just dealing with the problem. Just thankful I have some sort of an answer.

May 07, 2010
I have the exact same thing...
by: Anonymous

As I was reading this, I thought..."wow-that's me!" I have been having (for about 3 years now) these bizarre pains in my ankle as well. They just come on without a warning whatsoever, and it literally feels like someone is stabbing me in my outter ankle, just under the bone. I dont know what it is, it happens at odd times, and is extremely painful. I have actually passed out due to the pain being so intense. There is no evidence of anything wrong on appearance. I would describe the pain as: burning, stabbing, electrical shock, being burned, the worst pain I've ever experienced...but only lasts about 15 seconds and then its gone. I hope we find our answers soon!!

~Suanne in Texas

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