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Bump on top of foot

by Layne

Hi there,

I have had this smaller sized hard bump on the top of my foot for about 4 months now. If you look at your foot and flex the bump seems to be in between the big toe and the one directly next to it. about 2 inches up from the big toe. It is not pain per say but I can feel it. I cant really see the bump but if i feel it with my hand it is smaller than a marble but it seems to go downward towards the bottom of my foot. Ive never had problems with my feet before and am concerned about it. Today when I got home I have slight numbness in the area around the bump that reaches down to the big toe. Its been on and off numbness plus my knee is bothering me so I dont know if thats why I'm experiencing numbness.

I look forward to your response

Thank you for your time

Layne G.

Hi Layne,
It sounds like you may have a cyst of some sort, generally they are of the benign nature. The smart money would be to have a podiatrist look at it. If nothing else it will give you peace of mind knowing that it is nothing and if by chance it is something that should be taken care of I am sure the doctor will be happy to oblige.
Good luck.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Apr 26, 2010
Several cysts on top of foot?
by: Anonymous

For several months now I've had what I thought were a number of cysts on my right foot and a couple on my left foot, all on the top of my foot. Lately they seem to be red and a little painful. I have no insurance so I'm not even sure if I should go to a foot doctor or a dermatologist and I hate to waste my money going to the wrong one. They don't seem to be growing,but they are becoming tender. There's no white head or anything like that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 26, 2009
Foot pain
by: Anonymous

For nearly a year i have been dealing with an irritable pain in my mid top area of my foot. A bump exists there and is the size of a dime. When i push down on this bump my pain factor is extreme. Wearing my foot wear that require lacing has become a constant pain for me. I went to the local hospital and the Doctor had xrays taken. He says nothing can be done, it was bone growth that is on or beside a sensitive part of my foot. What can i do next, this does not help me in any way.


Painful person

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