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Complications after having Lapidus Bunionectomy in January 2010

by Gwendolyn
(Yonkers, NY)

I had Lapidus Bunionectomy on 1/21/10. I had a second procedure/surgery done on 1/25/10, because I got an infection in the wound. After reopening the incision/wound, and cleaning it out, the Doctor left it open with loose stitches. I was hospitalized for five days, while I received antibiotics via IV and my foot bleeds the dried blood stopped the flow.

Then I had a third procedure/surgery on 2/26/10, to repair my foots flesh/skin because it wasn't healing properly and I had and long/large open wound. The doctor told me that he was going to use an artificial skin growth stimulating patch, but in steady he just removed some undesirable tissue and stitched the opening together. I still ended up having an open wound now (after over three months).

Yesterday, I saw the foot doctor (Dr. Marzano) again. He took three x-ray type pictures/images of my foot/toe. I told him that my wound was still painful/tender, and asked him about the lumps on it. I also asked him about the images looking like a screw was loose and moving around in my toe/foot. He said it's nothing, and gave me a referral/letter for me to start physical therapy. He also said, that I can/should start going out dancing again.

I'm concerned, because to me it looks like there's a extra loose screw moving around in my toe/foot. I also wonder if that's why my wound/foot is still causing me pain, and why the incision is still draining/bleeding and not healed yet. My question is: What should I do about it, or is it nothing to worry about? Should I get a second opinion, and/or sue Dr. Marzano for malpractice (like my family members/others say)?

Hi Gwendolyn,
It has only been a little over three months since you had the surgery so at this point I would not expect you to be totally healed. My rule of thumb to my patients is that you know you are doing well if each week your foot feels a little bit better then the week before.
Everyone heals at a different rate and some procedures take longer to heal then others so using my "better each week" approach is a good way to guage how my patient is doing.
The problem arises when a patient no longer feels a week by week improvement. That may be an indication of a problem.
I think it is still too early to have reached any definitive decisions on how well you are doing, particularly since you had some setbacks after the initial surgery.
If you have any concerns either about the appearance of your scar or perhaps a screw backing out, then by all means get a second opinion. An unbiased appraisal from another doctor can be very helpful in putting your situation into proper perspective.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jan 01, 2017
Second metatarsal fracture
by: Janie

Has anyone experienced second metatarsal fracture after Lapidus procedure and if so I read the 1st is too high. What can be done?
When you state "the 1st is too high" I will assume you mean that as a result of the surgery, the first metatarsal bone was elevated and this created too much pressure on the second metatarsal which lead to it fracturing.
If that is what you meant, then there are two options:
1. One is to consider further surgery to better align the first and second metatarsal bones and 2. have an orthotic made that will force the first metatarsal bone to bear more weight and will thus reduce pressure on the second metatarsal.
I would suggest you try an orthotic before you consent to further surgery, as the surgery is not an exact science and you still could be left with issues afterward.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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