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HEALTHY SOLES socks are designed for people with foot problems primarily diabetics, people with poor circulation and people who suffer from very sensitive feet which include people that do not have much fat on the bottom of their feet and because of that feel like they are constantly walking on the bones.

What sets these socks apart from other "diabetic socks" that are on the market are the following:

  • bottom of the sock is cushioned-more walking comfort
  • non restrictive top-will not impede circulation
  • made with coolmax-wicks away moisture from the foot
  • dye free foot area-protects against allergic reactions between foot and sock
  • anti-microbial silver-protects foot from bacterial infections, will not wash out

Diabetics and those with poor circulation need to constantly pay attention to the well being of their feet. This includes proper hygiene, visual inspection of your feet on a daily basis and good foot protection.

Most socks that are purchased in stores can adversely affect sensitive feet due to tightness of the sock thus cutting off circulation, irritation from the seam of the socks, cheap dyes which can get on the foot and cause problems, along with the inability to allow the foot to "breathe" thus increasing the chance of fungus infections.

Additionally, very few people ever think of socks as offering any real protection for foot pain. The HEALTHY SOLES socks have a cushioned bottom which protects the bottom of the foot. This makes for a much more comfortable walk especially in those that have very sensitive feet due to poor circulation, arthritis, neuropathy and lack of fat on the bottom of their feet.

It is amazing what the difference in walking comfort can be just from the type of socks you wear.

The socks are presently available in black or white and come in three sizes to fit all size feet. Presently they are only available in crew size.

The socks are sold three pair to a pack and their cost is $26.95 plus S+H.

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