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jammed big toe approx. 7 weeks after toe fusion

I had a toe fusion end of July, had soft cast one week, then hard cast 5 weeks, now wearing boot for another 4 weeks - no more appts. to see doctor. After first week of wearing boot, I had taken off boot inside house and walked a short distance to window, turned around to go back to sit in chair and I jammed my big toe that I had fusion on into piece of furniture. Toe/foot swelled with GREAT pain - had feelings of painful cramping mixed with throbbing pain and couldn't walk on it. Iced and elevated and next day, feels much better, however, still painful ESPECIALLY in area underneath big toe near fusion. Also, I have two screws. I'm hoping I didn't loosen screws or undo anything from surgery and that this is just a setback to my recovery. Thank you.



You are nine weeks post surgery, according you my math, when you jammed your toe. In theory your joint should be fused by now, BUT, trauma to the surgical site could still cause damage.
At the very least you may have loosened a screw which could end up being a problem even in itself, without hurting the fusion.
The fact that your surgeon requested you wear a boot for another four weeks suggests to me that your surgeon still had some concerns about the surgical site.
I tell my surgical patients all the time that if there is any trauma to their surgical site to call me and let me know about it. Based on the report the patient gives me determines whether or not I want to see them.
I would think your surgeon would also be interested in knowing about the trauma you sustained to your great toe. He or she may want to examine the surgical site, might even want to take an x-ray to see if there has been any damage to the surgery.
I would also think you would want your doctor to take a look at the foot as you have probably made a lot of sacrifices in order to go through the surgery and the recovery period, and would not want all that effort to go to waste.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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Sep 25, 2011
Thank you for your reply!
by: Anonymous

Dr. Mitnick, Thank you so much for your reply. I did let my physician know and they took an x-ray - all is well! Also, thank you for providing this wonderful site, it is very helpful with lots of useful information! I appreciate your gift of time! God bless.

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