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left foot dorsal-lateral surface hard painless bump seems to run along a tendon

by Jos
(Amman, Jordan)

I am a 68-year-old female, quite physically active, do a lot of walking and moderate amount of hiking. Noticed this small bump about a year ago. Doesn't give me any problem at all, but I'm just curious as to whether it might be a ganglion cyst or some form of arthritis. My understanding is that ganglions feel 'rubbery', but this feels quite hard, almost as hard as bone. It's on my left foot and I'm wondering if it may have been caused by prolonged and excessive uneven pressure because of a 'painful' right foot (e.g. bunions, corns, callouses, and what I suspect is a Morton's neuroma, etc). It seemed to almost disappear last summer after I did a lot of walking while in Europe, but has 'come back'. The photo I've attached may not be too clear, but if you look at the tendon running along the 5th metatarsal, you'll see a 'bump'midway along the dorsal surface. Any ideas?

Hi Jos,
It may very well be a ganglion cyst, but I cannot make that diagnosis just by looking at the picture. (I do see the bump you are talking about). Sometimes bumps like this are not always ganglions and for that reason you should have a doctor look at it to make sure it is nothing more than a ganglion.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Nov 19, 2010
Calcuim deposits?
by: Anonymous

Just saw my doc about the exact same problem. Same seemingly bony lump on the same spot.

She said it's calcium deposits. Harmless. Hopefully, yours is the same. Harmless.

Apr 12, 2010
dorsal lateral surface hard painless lump
by: Anonymous

Hi. Two questions for you. Please see bottome of screen. I took your advice a few months ago and consulted 2 doctors: one a GP and the other an orthopedic surgeon. Both docs said it was ganglion cyst. While I had thought it felt hard, when he felt it , the surgeon said it was defintiely soft. and he seemed to move it all over the place. No problem. He said he could take xrays and show me if that would make me feel better, but that it would really be a waste of my money, given that it was/is simply a soft tissue cyst. I never thought ask him WHY a soft disk feels 'hard'to me, but soft to him. But he's the doctor and has seen hundreds of these things, so I have to trust hie judgement. (The cyst hasn't increased in size ... has been the same size for over 2 years now, doesn't hurt, and the doc said that very often these kinds of cyts are a result of inordintate pressure from the opposite foot, which would certainly apply in my case, given that I have painful bunions of the right foot AND what I suspect is a Mortons's neuroma and therefore put more pressur on the left foot to compensate for the pain in the right foot by putting more pressure on the left foot.
But I now have TWO questions for you:
1. What other dire condition could such a lump suggest? Surely there must be OTHER conditions that are not everyone's greatest fear, ie., malginancy.
2. Why does what doctors call a 'soft' cyst feel so 'hard' to the person that has it?

Apr 12, 2010
Left dorsolateral tumor
by: Masi

Hello doctor
My mother is about 50 she has got a left dorsal lateral tumor like mass on her left foot it is painful when palpated?Is it a malignant tumor or not?

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