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Lump or lumps on bottom of feet

by Nick
(Clarksville, TN USA)

This happens every now and again. I will get a lump on the bottom of my foot and it will show up from my toes to anywhere on the bottom of my feet. It could happen on one foot or both at times and they usually go away the following day. They feel as if I'm walking on a golf ball and when I look at the bottom of my foot there is no change in color or any sign of a lump or bump. To the touch though they seem hard as if I have a knot in muscle. I went and saw a podiatrist but at the time nothing was happening. He gave me some insoles but that didn't seem to work. He said he didn't know because I was not having symptoms at the time and to come back when I did. Only problem is I never can get an appointment the same day as the pain.

Hi Nick,
If the podiatrist you actually went to see could not make a diagnosis, imagine the difficulty I have.
Outside of some obscure medical condition, the only thing I can think of that would give you those hard lumps would be plantar fibromatosis. In most individuals they are present constantly, but some patients state that they seem more pronounced at various times.
See if you can find some kind of correlation between certain activities, or shoes that you wear and the onset of these lumps. For example, a lot of walking or standing in a very flat shoe (no arch) might bring about the symptoms.
If you are then able to reproduce the symptoms, you could schedule an appointment in advance and have the lumps present when you see the podiatrist.
Other than that I am afraid I cannot be much help.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Sep 25, 2017
multiple Lumps both feet continuous 4 yrs. no pain
by: Jeanne

My brain feels these bumps on the bottom of my feet for four years now, with no let up. No pain but uncomfortable with any shoes. Old doctor says maybe arthritis. New doctor hasn't a clue. I DO have arthritis but didn't know it could affect the bottom of the feet. And why can't feel anything when I try to touch my feet with my hands?

Feb 17, 2014
Similar problem here!
by: Anonymous

However the knots I get are visible to others and have started also showing up on my right arm and shoulder. Mine are very pronounced and painful!

Feb 06, 2014
I hate wearing shoes and socks
by: Lynn

I have had lumps under skin of my feet for years
feel like walking on marbles They tend to be in a line from my heel to my big toes (both feet)
Been to Dr as well as podiatrist also went for sessions at a clinic run by a well known Dutch doctor Was given insoles to wear in my shoes but they were too painful

Apr 01, 2012
Foot lumps
by: Anonymous

Try looking up nevropothy not sure on spelling but that should start you off

Dec 02, 2011
A solution!
by: Anonymous

Excellent idea! I had not thought of that...problem cured. Thanks

Apr 22, 2011
Same symptoms
by: Faye G

I have this same condition and just did a search to see if I was crazy. I am 59 years old and started having these exact symptoms about 6 weeks ago. I am in great health, take no medicines, and walk up to 4 miles a day. The symptoms are the hard, hot spots under the skin of my feet sometimes on one foot or both. You can't see anything unusual other than a little redness and can feel the lump when rubbing it.

I have had a similar symptom when I had an allergic reaction to Ceclor, an antibiotic, and was wondering if this could be an allergic reaction to food or other substance. I have watched what I eat to see if there is a common thread but have been unable to connect it with any one thing. Today I have not walked as usual and have a spot on my left middle foot about the size of a quarter. The symptoms appear about once a week and go away in a day.

Oct 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

cut your feet off

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