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Toe numbness and tingly

by Lisa
(Johnson City, NY US)

I've been experiencing for a couple of years now toe numbness and tingly feelings on both feet mainly my left foot on the 2nd and 3rd toes (sometimes the 4th, never the big toe) while walking and/or exercising (biking, aerobics, walking through the mall, hiking, etc). Then, on my left foot the ball part of my foot (just bellow the toes that go numb) will hurt, like I’ve stepped on a rock (bruised feeling) and on my right foot the outer part of my foot will hurt (burns) and my heel would hurt, again like I’ve stepped on a rock (bruised feeling). After I’ve stopped walking or exercising, the feeling would come back in my feet and they would ache, my toes would hurt like someone has stomped on them or like their thawing out after being out side during winter for hours.

I’ve noticed that when I do my Aerobics Walking DVD my feet, especially my left foot will start to throb – very intensely. I don’t have my sneakers tied too tight; I’ve made a point of making sure that they are a little loose. AND I’ve tried different sneakers. I don’t have top of the line sneakers, I do have 1 pair of Nikes. BUT a few times when I just couldn’t stand it any longer I would take my sneakers off and tried doing the Aerobics Walking DVD in my socks and eventually my feet/foot will stop throbbing and would be fine, they would ache and are sore however, but I can continue where as if I had kept my sneakers on I wouldn’t be able to continue, at least not without my left foot being in a lot of pain.

Hi Lisa,
Without examining your feet it would be difficult to assess your problem, but the numbness in the ball and toes of your left foot sounds like a Morton's neuroma (see my section on Mortons neuroma), the other pains sound like they are due to excessive impact which is what aerobics will do to a pair of feet.
You need to see a podiatrist who can adequately assess you, your activities and the shoes that you are wearing. I would not be surprised if a pair of orthotics would be recommended to you.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Sep 26, 2010
Toes and foot tingley and ache from an accident
by: Barry

ok alittle over a year and a half ago. I accidently hit my shine with a 10 lb short handled sledge hammer. Also please note i am a type 2 diabetic..

When I first looked at the area I hit. All I saw was a small white spot area, and I didnt really feel anything. A couple of hours later my shine area on my leg began to somewhat ache. So I raised my pant leg up to take alook at the area.
At that time I noticed I had some big swelled up knot. I would say maybe 2 no more than 3 inches around with a big black dot in the middle...which looked to me like a blood blister. When I got home I popped the blister.

A couple of days later my leg swelled up and I went to the ER. They told me I had some sort of an infection and refered me to someone at the local health clinic since I didnt have health insurance.

I was given 2 kinds of anti biotics to treat what they called cellulitis. But the clinic gave me the 2nd anti bitotic due to it wasnt cellulitis.

During all this time I noticed a small somewhat like hole where I popped the blood blister. It was almost as if I could see the bone in my leg. But the clinic said it was normal... it was also draining alot as well. They took a sample of the fluid and never heard anything else about it.

Its beena year and a half now...the area where I hit my leg is somewhat still red, and my toe below it are some what numb but tingley at the tip of the 2nd and 3rd toe. As for the last 2 months...I am finding it difficult to bend my big toe around the first digit from the end. Its as if the skin isnt long enough cause it feels like it is pulling the skin tight around the toe nail area.

Now as for the past 2 weeks... i am now noticing pain around the ball area of my foot...sometimes tolerable and sometimes not.

Now some people say I should get it looked at or they may have to cut off my foot. I am afraid to have to have that what is it thats going on or what advice would you give?


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