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top of foot pain causing me to limp

by Melody
(Lenoir , NC)

Hi there.

I have read your website and I have to admit that I am amazed at all the information that is on here. I have learned more than the three years I have been going to several doctors that I have seen!!
My problem started like I said a couple of years ago. I have pain starting from around the bottom of my ankle to across the top of my foot. It hurts when I am sitting, laying, walking etc.. however, when I am on the foot the pain gets worse. It begins to hurt so bad that I can not walk. When I do, I have to limp on the foot. At night after walking a lot I can not even let the sheet in the bed touch my foot! All the doctors keep telling me that I have burning and tingling, but I do not. It just hurts. It feels like it is broke. Of coarse, I know that it is not. I have bought different shoes, stayed out of work, tried orthotics,took anti inflammtory meds, you name it I beleive I have done it. What would cause so much pain in my foot like this?

Hi Melody,

Thanks for the kind words about my web site. In regards to your foot pain, without actually examining you it would be hard to make a diagnosis. But I do have a few questions and suggestions. May I assume you have had the foot x-rayed and perhaps more importantly have you had an MRI? Unresolved pain of this duration requires an MRI.
Assuming no stress fracture, the two things I would first look at would be a chronic tendonitis and then a midtarsal fault. I find it hard to believe that a tendonitis would last three years but you may be doing something that does not allow it to get better. The midtarsal fault on the other hand is basically a biomechanical problem and is exacerbated anytime you walk. An orthotics would help that but only if the orthotic sufficiently supports the foot, not all orthotics totally support the foot.
Most nerve entrapments on the top of the foot are of the superificial nerve type and they tend to send an "electrical" impulse down your foot; your symptoms do not sound like this.
So, since you are getting nowhere with your doctors I would suggest finding another one, assuming the x-rays and MRI are negative I would consider a regimen of anti-inflammatory medication along with Physical Therapy. In addition make sure you have orthotics that adequately support your feet.
I hope this helps.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Aug 31, 2008
pain on top of foot
by: Anonymous

I think my foot pain is caused by the Lipitor I've been taking. The muscles in my legs hurt too. What do you think?

There is a very good chance the Lipitor may be causing your muscle pain. Do not stop taking the medicine until you discuss it with your doctor.
Marc Mitnick DPM

Mar 04, 2008
pain in foot
by: Charity

I have the same problem and so will take your advice, thanks

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