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AUTHOR: Marc Mitnick DPM

Podiatric Medical Review Board

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Sometimes the best way to find out what is causing your foot pain is to just point to the area. Look at the diagrams below and slowly move your mouse over the area of the foot where you are experiencing pain. When your mouse arrow hits the correct spot, a link will pop up that will take you to a page that discusses the most common cause of pain in that part of the foot. (note: if you are visiting this site on a mobile device, tap your finger in the area of the foot where you are experiencing pain) Just remember this list is not conclusive. Read about the condition that you have chosen. If it does not quite sound like your problem then I would suggest you use the Google Search Box at the top of this page. Type in the condition you are looking for, or type in your symptoms such as "painful heel when I wake up in the morning" or "tarsal tunnel symptoms". Chances are your symptoms or condition have been discussed on this site before.

sesamoiditis turf toe capsulitis Morton's neuroma plantar fasciitis metatarsalgia heel neuroma plantar fibromatosis cuboid syndrome sub metatarsal bursitis

apophysitis (child only) midtarsal fault tailors bunion stress fracture tendonitis pain on side of foot

bunion ingrown nail pain on top of foot gout

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