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As of June 2014 this site contains over 1900 pages of information devoted strictly to problems involving the foot, ankle and lower leg. Approximately 1700 of these pages are answers to questions that readers have previously asked.

Because so many pages have been devoted to actually answering questions, there is a good chance your question has been asked before. So rather than searching around this site or any other site, for that matter, you might just find it easier to ask your question in the search box provided and see if an answer comes up.

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This particular search box only searches this site making it a search engine for this site. So, if any part of your question or description has been mentioned before on this site, you will receive that information.

So....go ahead, type in your question. If you have a diagnosis from your doctor, type that in. If you have no idea what your problem is but are having symptoms (pain in ankle, redness on top of foot, tingling in big toe, for example) type in your symptoms. Have problems with a previous surgery or trauma, type that in.

You will be amazed at the results you receive.

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