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The response to the question below was authored by Marc Mitnick DPM

stinging and discomfort after removal of bone spur from second toe

by Barbara
(The Villages, FL USA)

Since my surgery for the above condition two months ago, I am still having some throbbing and stinging on the toe. I had a cortisone injection two weeks ago, but it hasn't helped. I clog twice a week but it is becoming difficult to continue this activity. I am a 73 year old woman. I try usisng toe wraps and toe separaters, but nothing helps very much. I am afraid of more surgery as I am quite active. Any suggestions for me?

Hi Barbara,
Two months is too early to tell if the surgery failed or not. I would give it a minimum of at least six months and then re-evaluate. If six months from now the toe still bothers you, but less then it does today, you are probably on your way to healing. If there is no improvement then further surgery might be indicated.
Keep in mind, the older you are the longer it takes for things to heal.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Oct 05, 2017
Nerve pain
by: warren

Had spur removed 1 yr ago burning pain in my 4th toe that had the spur I have seen 2 podiatrists one used alcohol
Shots ,the 4th shot put my foot to sleep burning is driving me nuts need help BOTANY

May 04, 2013
removal of bone spur on left little toe.
by: Tracy

I had surgery a little over 1 month ago. I had the stitches out and got a infection. I have been on antibiotics. I also need to mention that I had the hole or as it is called the soft corn from the toe rubbing to my other toe causing the hole in between my toes. My toe is still swollen and I still cannot wear a show on that foot; I still wear the boot. I just had a MRI and will know what is going on on Monday. The Dr. took a culture of this clear stuff that was coming out of my toe and it came back saying yeast so I am on a yeast medication now and still my toe is still swollen and it does hurt. Any suggestions? I regret getting this done now.I can definately identify with discomfort after surgery.

Hi Tracy,

Any time you consent to surgery there is always the chance of complications including infection. At this point you have no choice other than to deal with the problems.
It sounds like your doctor is on top of things so just make sure you follow his/her advice to the letter, and hopefully you will come through this event fine. Keep in mind, it has only been one month since the surgery so you are still in the recovery phase from surgery, infection or no infection.
Marc Mitnick DPM

Jan 11, 2012
response to dr re: my post
by: Lisa

Thank you - update, swelling has gone down and Dr. saw it went down after recent visit. I am still left with burning at the incision site as well as burning sort of numbness under toes and ball of foot area when I wear a closed shoe except a loose Merrill mesh clog. Constriction causes the most burning. Perhaps this is happening because two adjacent toes had bone spur surgery, making both incision sites mash against each other. Large toe curves into 2nd toe. Going to podiatrist today to get a nerve shot. I am also on naproxen as of recent to see if that calms things down. Dr doesn't think it's nerve damage due to the nature of where the incisions were made. I hope this is just part of the healing process. Next steps may include prednisone, PT, lyrica and a visit with a neurologist. I hope to report positive findings.

Dec 30, 2011
Second Toe Burning and Swelling 3 Months after Surgery
by: Lisa

I am a 42yr old female (in great health, no smoking, etc) who had bone spur surgery on my 2nd right toe 3 months ago. It's still swollen and burns. I also had a tendon release on that same toe (bottom of toe). I am wondering if that's why it's still swollen and sore. And when I get out of the shower, all my toes turn blueish. I also had a bone spur removed on the big toe of right foot. This was all due to a soft corn problem. I am also frustrated at the slow healing time. Still cannot wear a shoe without taking the footbed out due to 2nd toe swelling. I cannot find much information out there about how long this should take to get back to normal again where I don't even think about my toes. Now it consumes much of my day. Podiatrist said 6 weeks ago that it should be all gone 6-8 weeks from then, but it's far from gone. I am praying this doesn't mean it's going to be permanent.

Hi Lisa,
Anyone who does enough foot surgery will tell you that swelling in the second toe, more so than the other toes, is a very common problem.
I have often thought it is due to the structure of the lymphatic system, the system that drains fluid from the toes back to the body.
I am a little concerned that you are still having swelling three months post op. You are on the border line of this ending up a chronic problem.
When I operate on second toes I instruct the patient how to apply a compression dressing to the toe, once the sutures are removed; this helps keep the swelling down. Three months already may be a little too late.
Physical therapy and even a cortisone injection can be helpful but again, the earlier treatment is instituted the greater the chance of success.
You need to speak to your doctor as there is a good chance this may not get better on its own. Keep in mind I have not actually seen your toe so I am making certain assumptions here, but I will say this, you need more aggressive treatment if you expect your toe to improve.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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