Clotrimazoil for nail and skin fungus

Topical anti-fungal medication is one means to treat fungus infections of nails as well as skin. Most doctors who treat foot fungus will tell you that many people who present to their office's with nail fungus also have skin fungus and that is how the nails got infected.

The nice thing about topical medication is that it will help both nail and skin infections. Additionally topical medication is safe and inexpensive. If it is going to work, you do have to apply it religiously and not get lazy about it. Along with brushing your teeth, applying the Clotrimazoil particularly to the nails, just becomes part of your daily routine.

topical fungus medication

Clotrimazoil is a relatively new item to the anti-fungal market and it appears to include additional ingredients which make it superior to the products already out there. The active anti-fungal ingredient, Clotrimazole 1%, however, has been around for quite a while and is a proven anti-fungal medication.

The key to success in fighting nail fungus is a medication that can penetrate the outer layer of nail and soak down under the nail to kill fungus where it resides. Clotrimazoil is a rich oil based product and unlike other similar medications which are water or alcohol based, oil based products are able to penetrate nail, since the make up of nail is protein and fat.

The other key to success in fighting nail fungus is being able to keep the surrounding skin fungus free as well, so that the nail does not get re-infected. Clotrimazoil does that too.

features of Clotrimazoil

  • kills six types of fungus, as well as molds and yeast which can mimic fungus and distort nail appearance
  • exclusive essential and carrier oils help penetrate nail and skin, including tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba and peppermint oils
  • natural antioxidants
  • urea which helps soften the very thick fungus nails, something I have never seen offered in a topical anti-fungal
  • paraben free
  • Made in the USA in an FDA approved lab
  • patient-direct, money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • dispensed by doctors, not sold over the counter in stores.

Oral anti-fungal medication and laser are the only two other options available for the treatment of nail fungus. Many people do not want to take the oral medication for the potential side effects. Others cannot take the oral medication because it complicates some of their present medication. Laser surgery is not covered by insurance and for many it is too expensive.

So, if you suffer from unsightly nails and have athletes foot, why not consider Clotrimazoil?

IMPORTANT you should only use this medication on confirmed cases of nail fungus. If you are not sure your nails have fungus (and may actually be something else), consultation with your doctor is advised.

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