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Nail fungus is a very common complaint. It is the result of the same fungus that causes athletes foot, getting itself lodged into the nail. In fact those that suffer from athletes foot have a very high incidence of nail fungus.

There are other causes of nail fungus. Two major causes of nail fungus that most foot specialists see on a regular basis, are from athletic activity where repetitive trauma to the nail from sports like running, basketball, tennis, etc. cause the nail to loosen up. This allows fungus to get underneath the nail and start to grow.

The second cause of nail fungus is from nail salons. Not a week goes by that I do not see a patient with nail fungus that I can attribute to as a result of pedicures. Typically, nail fungus may begin on nails as a result of dirty instruments transferred from customer to customer, as well as the brushes from the nail polish itself. Additionally, if polish is applied to a nail that is not completely dry, the polish essentially entraps moisture in the nail and fungus starts to grow.

Look at the pictures below. Have you noticed white spots on your nails similar to this? Have you noticed it particularly after you have removed nail polish? This is what is known as superficial nail fungus.

superficial fungus nail
superficial fungus nail

If not treated properly in many cases, the fungus will invade the nail and get underneath the nail and start to cause the nail to grow thick and yellow. In most cases, the fungus will then spread to the other toes. Once the fungus has gotten underneath the nail it becomes extremely more difficult to treat. Patients who present to my office are then faced with either oral medication, which many do not want to take, or laser surgery.

By attacking the problem when the fungus is still on top of the nail it becomes a much easier problem to tackle.

The reason I recommend the antifungal pen is three fold.

1. You do not want to end up with nails like the one to the right.

2. The pen is the only topical medication that I am aware of that contains TWO anti-fungal ingredients. One is 25% undecylenic acid which is a well known, time tested antifungal as well as propolis which is a wax like substance produced by bees, used in the hives to kill bacteria and fungus. Most of the topical medications that I have seen over the years only contain one antifungal ingredient. Additionally, the medicine is an oil based medication which allows much better penetration than water or alcohol based preparations.

3. The other reason I like the pen is because of the way the medication is delivered to the nail. Most topical antifungals contain a brush, similar to a nail polish brush and you just “paint" the medication on top of the nail. Many times that just is not enough.

The pen contains a felt tip. The medication is pumped through the tip and applied to the nail. The important thing here is that as you rub the tip up and down the nail, the abrasive action of the tip physically “scrapes" the fungus off the nail and forces the medication deeper into the remaining fungus. Obviously, this is a more effective way of combating nail fungus than just painting medication on top of the nail.

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