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big toe is itchy and cuticle is weird

by nichole
(forked river, NJ)

i've never had an ingrown nail or athlete's foot but i've shown my problem to people and seen pictures and it is not either of those. i dont have insurance so for me to go to a DR my foot has to fall off. for two weeks the space by my big toe's cuticle itched like there is no tomorrow. then is swelled and the pain was horrible. it swelled so much that it popped and clear liquid came out. this relived some pain (thankfully). after that the cuticle seemed to seperate from wear it hit the base of my big toe's nail. it is only on one toe on one foot. just in case i purchased a funal liquid for feet. not helping. i have also tried soaking in epson salt, alcohol, itch stuff, neosporin and hydrogan poroxide.

please tell me if i need to waste my money. im worried because now my other big toe started itching!

the infection/pain/swelling is only on the base of my left foot's cuticle and up the right side. thank you so much fr any information you might be able to give me!!

Hi Nicole,
It does sound like athletes foot to me. Try cutting away any of the cuticle that will come off easily.
Assuming you do not start bleeding, apply Lamisil cream (you can buy it over the counter), twice a day. You will have to use it for a couple of weeks, even if the area initially starts to feel better.
If that does not work and the itching is spreading then you will have to bite the bullet and see a doctor.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Mar 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem on my right big toe but my left big toe had the blister and popped. My blister was on the left side of my toe then as my toenail grew that left side of the nail was cracked and pealed when it got close to growing out.
My right toenail's cuticle seperated from the nail and took a long time to grow back as it seemed like the cuticle was growing backwards and my toenail looked longer. The nail also looked like it was eaten through across it where the cuticle connected to it.
Finally it starting getting better after continueis fungal spray for a couple weeks. Every so often my toe itches again and I'm paranoid it's going to happen again. My nail has grown out about 3/4 since, so it's still there. It's hard for me to beleive this is athletes foot but even the doctors weren't sure.(primary care physician and dermotologist)

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