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Black spot under big toenails

by Becky
(Temecula, CA)

I have a black spot under my toenail that I noticed about 3 months ago after removing nail polish that I had for probably about 4 months. It started out like a perfect round circle and it does seem to be growing with my nail. It now looks like the black circle is almost seperating and looks move ovalish and spotted. I noticed my left big toe now has a light purple circle. I saw my General Dr. today and she gave me a referral to a Dermatologist and said it could be melanoma...I'm kind of freaking out and would like to get feedback prior to my Derm Appt. since I likely won't be able to get in for 1-2 weeks.

Hi Becky,
Because the growth is not growing forward there is always the concern about the possibility of melanoma, so the nail has to be checked out. But more often than not the discoloration can also be due to an irritation on the nail bed under the nail.
So do the right thing and keep your appointment with the dermatologist but if you do not want to wait up to 2 weeks, see if you can get an earlier appointment with another dermatologist or a podiatrist.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jul 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have similar. had it for about a month. Bit bigger, looks like a bloody blob with a big bruise type smudge underneath. Did you find out what it was? I'm ringing my doctor on Monday :S

Aug 06, 2013
What was it?
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find out what it was??

May 05, 2012
Similar spots/Melanoma history
by: Felyne

Hi there, I have the same! About 4 times bigger tho. I just came from a trip in Nepal and have had a queasy tummy since then. Also during my tummy unease i noticed my toenails changing...i read an article this morning that this may be due to the stomach infection? What is your advice? Also 1 year ago i had melanoma removed from my lower left leg. Should i be concerned? Or do i know the answer...(Which is ...see a doctor) Would appreciate the feedback.

Hi Felyne,

With a personal history of melanoma, you are certainly at a greater risk for developing a second melanoma. YES, a visit to a doctor is mandatory, if for no other reason, peace of mind.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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