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Broken fused toe

by Juli

I broke the tip of my 2nd toe. My concern is that it is a previously fused toe of about 4 years. I know not much can be done for a broken toe but is this serious? Live an hour from a podiatrist so trying to decide if I am being overly concerned. Thanks.


Hi Juli,

I am making the assumption that the fusion you had four years ago was at the proximal joint, the joint that is closer to the foot then the end of the toe. Even if it happens to be at the distal joint, the one closer to the tip of the toe, I assume the fracture does does not extend into the fusion.

My second assumption is that the fracture you sustained is what is known as a non-displaced fracture meaning there is essentially a "crack" in the bone and the fractured piece of bone is still attached to the main bone and the gap, the size of the space between both pieces of bone is small.

I will make further assumptions that you are reasonably young with good circulation into your toes and that you are not a smoker.

If you can check "yes" to all these assumptions, then your fracture should heal uneventfully. My only recommendation is that you buddy splint the second toe to the third toe to stabilize the fracture site so that it can heal. Just wrap the two toes together, including the end of the toes, with hypoallergenic cloth tape. You will need to do this for upwards of six weeks, possibly longer. Change the tape regularly.

Just remember I do not have the luxury of actually examining you and seeing your x-rays, so if you have any concerns beyond what I have discussed, you may have to bite the bullet and make that hour drive to the podiatrist.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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