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Chronic leg pain/cramps/Charlie horse/ muscle spasm/24hrs

by Ana
(Seattle, Washington)

I was in a rear end car accident. Waiting at a stop to make a left turn. And waiting for my turn. I strain and sprain my lower back and my mid back. Four days later saw my doctor also for low right leg pain ( continuing to get worst)

Saw a vascular doctor to rule out pinch nerve (MRI). The pain on my leg has gotten to a point that I feel that I am going to pass out.
During the day my pain scale is between 5-6 and at night is a who ping 10+

For 5 weeks now I only have gotten 2 hours of sleep. I need to continue walking to alleviate the pain at this point it is still a 5-6 pain scale.
I am not able to drive no more than 5 minutes. I have come so close checking my self into the ER.

I had no right leg pain prior to the car accident. I just found out that I do have venous reflux great saphenous vein and also the short saphenous vein. Can you injure these veins by applying my foot hard to the breaks.

I am currently taking
Anti flamatory 750 mg 2xa day
Tylenol/codeine cannot take narcotics allergic to them :(
nerve pain

Can you injure this veins from being rear ended?

It feels worst than a broken bone

Hi Ana,
I have never heard of veins causing as much pain as you are experiencing unless of course with the possible exception of a deep venous thrombosis. You have been to a vascular specialist and I will assume you have been checked for that.
Based on your description of how all this pain began, I would look to your lower back as the source of the pain.
Your description sounds more neurological in nature than vascular and it is quite possible that the automobile injury jarred something in your lower back and is now doing damage to the nerves that control your leg.
Many times I see patients who have neurological origins of pain in their feet that seems to be worst at night. This is generally a result of the position you lie in bed and the pressure it puts on the lower back. You seem to fall into that category.
My recommendation would be to see a neurologist who deals with trauma. In addition you might find more relief from your pain if you see a pain specialist who should be able to come up with a better combination of medications to relieve your pain particularly if you are in as much pain, at times, as you state.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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