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Feet look great, hurt like hell! Pain worse in bed

by Lindy
(Coleman, Texas USA)

My feet look normal and there is very little swelling, even at night after a long hot day at work. No corns, bunions, spurs, etc., I wear good shoes and take good care of my feet. However, when I get into bed and start to relax before sleep the bottoms of my feet burn, itch and are terribly sensitive. They do hurt during the day but it doesn't seem to bother me as much if I keep moving. The surface of the skin feels numb at times and in different places. My big toes or the outsides of my feet will feel numb but then if I get a pedicure they are so senstive I can barely stand it. There also is a very strange feeling in the ball of my foot-as though there was a thick pad right under the skin. Nothing is visible nor can you feel it with massage .This does not hurt exactly but is uncomfortable. The PA that I go to has done the PAD test and it is negative. I do have bouts of severe leg cramps (waking me in the night and running around the room). My calves almost always feel sore but the leg cramps will occur for 7-10 nights and then stop for a month and have recently returned.I am miserable with worrying about this and hope you can lead me in the right direction. Thanks for your opinion.

If you circulation is normal, then you have to look for a nerve irritation in your lower back as the source of your foot discomfort when you go to bed. Lying in certain positions puts excessive pressure on some of the nerves, thus causing your symptoms. (these symptoms would also be seen if you had poor circulation and were in a reclining position).
Go see a back specialist.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Feb 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

dear Dr.

i had this pain longe for longe i have went to seek the dr there is no improvement

Nov 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Are you diabetic? I had the same problem, and am a diabetic. It was diagnosed as neuropathy, and to aleviate the pain, I went to a foot specialist and got nerve block shots - they do NOT hurt! They use a cold spray on the skin as they inject the needle, and you don't feel anything, and oince the medication is injected, the feet go numb, and feet funny, but you can walk, drive,, so whatever, but without pain. The initail numbness wears off after a few hours, but the pain is gone for a month! They work! I couldn't walk without crying from the burning pain. Now I go everywhere.

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