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foot pain 1 yr after bunionectomy

by Michele
(Hamilton, Ohio)

I still have much pain on the bottom (balls) of my foot while any amount of walking. It has been 1 yr since my austin buntmy, swelling, sharp burning sensation still hurt badly. It feels as though there is a bone sticking out under the the ball of the big toe area. I amm beginning to have knee pain because of the abnormal walking I have been doing. My doc says keep wearing the orthodics, but my foot is in such pain and swollen after a couple of hours of wearing them.

Hi Michele,
At one year post surgery most people will either have no pain or every once in a while feel a little discomfort. You are nowhere near that. I would suggest you get a second opinion; just being told to wear your orthotics is not going to solve your problem one year down the road.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Sep 16, 2017
Pain Under Ball of My Feet After 1 Year
by: Perla

Hi. I had surgery to correct my bunions in September 2016 (left foot) and in October 2016 (right foot). I took 9 weeks off and then I went back to my job - which is in retail. I took breaks and made sure to always elevate my feet, etc. I also stayed away from wearing high heels or any shoes that might irritate my feet. The healing has been very slow, though. My feet are super tender and I can barely stand to wear shoes - especially any type of heel. It is very difficult to stand on the ball of my feet "tippy toe". I am wondering if this is going to get better. Recently I started developing pain on the ball of my left foot - it feels like theres a rock under my foot when I step. It is very uncomfortable. I am planning on visiting my podiatrist this coming week because I am in so much pain. I thought I would be able to resume my regular activities aside from work but I am realizing I am nowhere near where I used to be even when I had bunions. I almost feel like I was better off before.

Dec 05, 2014
comment about questions
by: [email protected]

I just see questions from everyone that has the same awful long term pain after bunion surgery, I feel like i was better off before surgery, my question is: does anyone have any good solutions???
my pain is under ball of foot

Oct 12, 2013
foot pain
by: Anonymous

I too had a bunion removed on my left foot 8/2012 plus nerve work on the second toe. I am I constant pain the second toe is numb and just seem dangle there I had a bunion removed on the right foot in 1994 and it was just 1 year and all was well. I am active on my feet always. just noticed my ankle extremely sensitive and bruised.
This procedure was performed in Oklahoma City and my husband and I have relocated to Hobbs, NM I need to contact a specialist in the nearest City?

Mar 11, 2012
pain over one year after bunionectomy
by: Anonymous

I have just read your situations which were posted in 2009. Now in 2012 what are your situations today? I would love to know. I had my surgery over a year ago. I am an active person who loves to hike and walk and now I can't do any of that due to the exact problems you both have.
Please let me know how you are both doing and what you did to help this situation.

Aug 28, 2009
pain one year after surgery
by: Christy

I am 39 years old and I too have some very problematic pain one year after surgery. I had an austin bunionectomy on both feet four months apart. My problem is no better than before, just different. The balls of my feet ache and burn and the big toe joint is in constant pain. I cannot seem to get the flexibility to improve in that joint. The Podiatrist has given me exercises to do (which I do religiously), has sent me for a nerve conduction test due to all of the burning in my feet and he prescribed me Metanx (b vitamins) and Meloxicam and a round of oral steriods to try to alleviate the pain. I'm just hoping it gets better over time. I am very active and am missing my walks, hikes and climbs. Does anyone have any idea if this might just be a stiff joint or possibly something more permanent? The Dr. has no explanation.

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