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Foot Trauma

by Jane
(Miramichi New Brunswick Canada )

I stepped the wrong way on my foot and put all my weight on the top of my foot by my toes. I felt a pop didn't think much of it walked on it. I had some pain but thought nothing of it for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden the pain and swelling was bad I was told not to walk on it for two weeks so did but still swollen after that the swelling was on top and there a bump on the bottom of my foot close to my toes. I been in a walking cast since October and now the lump and swelling are still there along with the pain by the side bone where my baby toe is there is no broken bones so just looking for any help


Hi Jane,

Can I ask the obvious question? Have you seen a doctor? I ask because you say you were told to stay off of it and now you are wearing a walking cast.

I assume a doctor prescribed the boot, but in this era, you can buy walking boots online, so I am not clear where you got your advice from.

If you have seen a doctor, I would think he or she would have sought out answers for the swelling on the top of your foot and the lump on the bottom of the foot.

Feeling a "pop" is never a good sign and it is usually a sign of a tendon tear, or possibly a torn ligament.

The fact that you have been walking around in the cast since October, or for over four months, and you have made no improvement, is not a good sign either.

I have no idea how old you are or any knowledge about your overall health, but for most people four months in a walking boot would "fix" most simple trauma to the foot.

If you came walking into my office tomorrow, based on your narrative, the first thing I would do is order an MRI. If that is a problem getting one quickly in Canada, then at the very least you should have an x-ray and an ultrasound.

The x-ray would reveal any fracture that you may have sustained in the time from the initial trauma, to the point the foot really began to hurt, and the ultrasound would be helpful in determining if there was any damage to the tendons and muscles in the area of pain. It may also give some insight into the lump on the bottom of your foot.

Until you actually know what was actually damaged and to what extent in your foot, it is difficult to institute proper treatment.

If it turns out there is no fracture, but just soft tissue damage then along with the walking cast, you might want to ask your doctor about ordering some physical therapy.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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