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Hard bump on toe

by Angela
(Santa monica, CA)

recently I have a bump that is on both feet on the toe next to the big toe. It is hard and feels like a part of the bone. It sticks out and doesn't hurt but looks strange. I have never had this before. What is this?

it is round in shape and is right below the middle of the toe.

Thank You for your help.


Hi Angela,

Assuming your second toe is a hammertoe, the round spot on top of the toe, if it is leathery in appearance with no hard "spot" is from excessive pressure and irritation on the underlying bone and has caused an excessive overgrowth of skin.
If the skin is hard and you feel like you can "pick" off some of the skin then you probably have a garden variety corn which is also the result of excessive shoe pressure on the underlying bone.
The easiest way to improve the condition is to avoid shoes that put too much pressure on the second toe, but I am not naive; most women do not consider that realistic advice.
Your other option would be surgical intervention to have the bones remodeled to reduce the shoe to bone friction.
My opinion is that unless the toe really hurts, you would be better off leaving the toe alone.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jul 19, 2012
the bottom of my big toe hurts
by: Anonymous

why dose it hurt. it hurts so much. can kids get them at a young age?

Apr 22, 2009
the joint toe next to big toe protrudes
by: Anonymous

While playing tennis 2 years ago I ran toward the net and stopped suddenly which caused the toe (next to the big toe)joint to protrude. I never did anything about it and now scar tissue has formed and the joint sticks up and overlaps the big toe. My second toe was originally longer than my big toe. Also I have bunions (no pain) which throughout the years has caused the hammer toe. I am thinking of having my bunion removed surgically as well as fixing the toe next to it, however all 3 surgeons suggest I have the joint cut and a pin put in to hold it in place. My question is if the joint is removed and made shorter, how will I be able to grab the ground the way normal toes are supposed to? And if they put a metal rod or pin to keep the big toe from further moving won't that prevent me from walking correctly. I mean how will I ever be able to bend the big toe or one next to it? This does not make sense to me. Is there any way that toe can be reconstructed so its equal to the other toe? As it is I have lower back problmes and believe my imbalance of foot functiong has been the culprit. Oh, and because my foot is so out of wack the 3rd toe next to the big toe is semi-numb because I am overcompensating. Help!

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