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I can not flex my left foot

by Eileen

It all started two days ago, when I was re-painting the grout from our bathroom floor. My position was squatting or kneeling to get a better view from what I was doing. Suddenly while I was in the squatting position, I fell as if somebody pushed me, hitting my knee on the floor (it was not a hard fall). So I still continued doing what I wanted to finish. Eventually, I got tired and decided to rest. I started noticing when I was doing a little leg excercise to relax my muscles, I could not not flex my left foot anymore. My right foot is perfectly fine but my left foot can do other movements except to flex. This caused my walking abilities and sometimes would make me fall off my feet because I could not control it. I am just worried because it seems like there is no communication from my brain to my left foot. My left foot wont follow and flex, even though my brain commands to do so. What is wrong with my left foot, please help! Thank you and God bless.

Hi Eileen,

Apparently there is a "cause and effect" between your kneeling and lack of foot flexion. I think you just overstretched something.
Try exercising the foot, take some anti-inflammatory medication (if you can tolerate them) and I would imagine in a couple of days the problem will clear up. If not you will then need to see a doctor.
Marc Mitnick DPM


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Jul 29, 2013
Right foot will not flex
by: Cathy

My husband injured his back from spending hours taking out plants and replanting annuals in our flower bed. He was in pain at first, then after a round of steroids the pain diminished. After 3 months he still has slight numbness in his right foot. He continues to do his stretches that the PT gave him. However, he cannot flex his right foot and often times trips. He has actually fallen on a few occasions. He is 64 years old and has always been very athletic and active his entire life, so he is very frustrated. He is also doing DRX 9000 decompression machine, halfway through but no improvement. Can you offer any insight.


There are two issues that need to be investigated. The first is residual damage to the nerves that travel into the right foot. Numbness in the foot with a history of lower back injury is always suggestive of continued problems in the lower back, perhaps leading to muscle weakness in the foot and ankle. If the numbness is getting worse, he could end up with permanent numbness and muscle weakness, or stated the other way, if he is going for therapy and still has numbness that is not a good sign.
The second area that needs to be explored is the ankle joint itself. At age 64 it is very possible that he could have arthritic degeneration within the ankle joint making it very difficult to bend the ankle.
Since the ankle problem apparently started after the back issue, I would suggest having the back examined again along with muscle testing in the foot and ankle to see if there is actually any nerve damage.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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