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left ankle pain after 8 months

by Martha Harper
(Guntowm,Ms )

Feb. 2008 I fell from a step going out of my front door. I recieved a sprained ankle with 2 partial torn ligaments. My outside ankle and along the outside portion of my foot were badly swollen and black. I was on crutches, wore an air cast, pain management, RICE, all the normal treatments. When it first happened, I had xrays and a MRI. Weeks later after coming off the crutches, wearing an ankle brace and exercises, my ankle was still slightly swollen and painful to walk on. I had another MRI that showed my ligament were still torn. The doctor said to continue with the excercises and ibuprofen, wearing the brace,so on and so on. I did. I've continued to have pain inside the joint and some tenderness along the outside of the foot. No bruising now, but my toes do get colder on my left foot and trying to lay on my left side has become a challenge. My foot and ankle began to throb and at times I experince shooting pain from the outside ankle to the inside ankle. IF my feet are hanging down while sitting, my ankle and outside foot start having a dull ache. I went to my Family General Practioner and she sent me for a 3rd MRI. It showed my ligament had healed and she said everything looked ok as far as the report showed. If I continued to had problems to consult a podiatrist. What could be the cause of these problems. I hate going and paying for these very expensive test just for the results to show nothing. I'm not making this up and it not "in my head". Should I still be having this aching, throbbing pain for this long? Why is laying on my left side. putting a slight amount of pressure on my skin in that area causing me discomfort still. I should also mention I use a memory foam pillow to lay my foot/ankle on but this only helps for a little while and also this is the 2nd time I've sprain this left ankle. The first time was in was in 2004. Both times the doctors said no breaks are showing on the xrays/MRI. Any advise you can give as to what the problem could be is greatly appreciated and thanks for having this question board.

Hi Martha,
Well for starters I would stop going for MRI's. I do not know anything about you like your age, your weight, your medical history, but since this is the second time you have injured this area it is probably safe to assume that you have scar tissue in the area from these accidents which is still causing some of your pain. Additionally, even though the ligaments are "healed" they are probably still weak and not supporting the ankle as well as they should.
Have you tried physical therapy? That would be my suggestion, which should go a long way in reducing your symptoms and improving the strength in your ankle.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jun 30, 2011
I'am still in pain. After 6 months!!! Ouch
by: Nikki Smith

wow, I have the same problem I thought that i was going crazy. Evryone told me that i should of been healed by now.. But as i type my foot is throbing and shoots up my leg and causes my 4th and 5th toe to go crazy... This pain cause me to not be able to stand , walk or even sit a chair for a long period of time before it starts aching again.. What should I do Help...

Dec 14, 2008
left ankle pain
by: Anonymous

Martha, Sounds like my injury, except I had a small fracture of the Talus, after falling off a ladder. Both lateral ligaments were torn, and my heel was very badly bruised. No fracture, thank goodness. I was on crutches for 5 weeks, non weight bearing and in a soft cast and brace.Very painful.I was doing fine until I re-sprained it over Thanksgiving. So I'm back on the crutches for a few more weeks. The pain is really bad at the end of the day, and my ankle hurts most the time. I agree with the Dr, re: Physical Therapy, but I never got started, after I re-injured it. The ankle is still very swollen and painful, but I'm hoping the medication and rest helps heal it. Hang in there.

Nov 12, 2008
I have the same pain
by: misty price

I've had the exact same pain. I started running and then got pain in my foot.. it's above my heel on the sides. So I went to the doctor and she said it wasn't swollen or bruised. She sent me for an xray and it came out normal. So she put me in a walking boot till I could see the foot specialist. well I couldn't get an appt for 5weeks (KAISER) so I told her to send me for an MRI. The mri just came back yesterday with no fractures, torn ligagments or anything. So.. i'm going to see a speciaist next fri 21st.. i'm not sure what to expect or if i should still be wearing this walking boot. it's so frustrating. I have the pain where i'm just sitting and my foot is hanging and i have the dull pain. then a little stress pain when I walk.. This has been going on for 8weeks.. did you ever find anything out?? any help would be appreciated. thanks

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