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most annoying, aggravating nerve pulling/tightness numbness sensation of 2nd toe status post 2nd toe osteotomy and neuromal removal

by lisa
(north richland hills, tx )

I have an aggravating, annoying pulling-like nerve sensation and numbness 24/7 of my 2nd toe after having a redo bunion surgery by another podiatrist and with the 2nd surgery had a 2nd toe osteotomy to shorten it and a neuroma cut out for the 2nd toe being affected( a top approach was done) and had 2nd hammer toe corrected; a SMART clip was used for 2nd toe; with flexion or extention this weird nerve sensation increases but is still present at rest; feels like a bunch of nerves are trapped and need released to decrease a tightness feeling of the 2nd toe;feels like superglue is wrapped around my 2nd toe or a tight string wrapped around it; looks and feels like the web between the 2nd and 3rd toe is closer together since the surgery ;it almost seems like if the web was sliced I could get a little relief; the ball of foot is a nervy wierd sensation when massaged and when massaged with lotion the ball of foot feels like there are several tiny ropes lined up one right under the other; I wonder if nerves got trapped in scar tissue or what; in addition to these abnormal nerve sensations my 2nd toe for 2 months after surgery was so much bigger diameter wise until I went to a 2nd opinion podiatrist ; he did cortizone injections, a script for a 5 compound drug in a cream to rub into toe, celebrex, conforming tape to wrap the 2nd toe; I feel the tape shrunk the toe a lot; the cream is a 20% temporary fix, celebrex stopped after 12 days; tore my stomach up; I cannot live with this constant annoying nerve sensation, pulling tightness sensation of my toe; will another surgery be able to help me and what surgery would this be and is there a possibility I would be worse off with another surgery to correct my problem? My surgery was July 8th, 2011.

Hi Lisa,
Well it certainly sounds like you have nerve pain and the most likely cause would be an incomplete excision of the neuroma if you actually had one in the first place.
It is now three months since your surgery and if your symptoms are still as intense as lets say six weeks ago then that would indicate a problem to me.
i cannot really give you much more information because I obviously cannot examine you, but what you should consider doing is finding another independent foot specialist to examine you. An MRI might also be helpful to get a better idea of what is actually going on.
If your pain continues to the extent you state something will have to be done. Surgery is one option but sometime more is less, meaning the more surgery you have in a small area the greater the chance of more problems, simply because there will be further scarring and perhaps other problems. So the risk of additional surgery has to be weighed against the amount of pain you presently have.
In the short term there are other things that can be done, such as injections, oral medication and physical therapy. I would exhaust those options first and if they do not work then you will have to weigh the surgical option.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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Aug 23, 2016
by: cathy

get lazer treatments from a chiropractor

I assume you are referring to "cold laser" which I also happen to use in the office.
As a physical therapy modality it can be quite effective, however, in the case where a neuroma is removed, the numbness that is created is permanent simply because the nerve has been excised.
The tightness/pulling is probably from scarring along the incision line. Where cold laser might be helpful initially after surgery, there is very little that can be done further down the road. One exception would be considering have the incision and associated scar tissue removed and re-sewing the wound.
Marc Mitnick DPM

May 29, 2014
toe/foot pain
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing, my pain is so bad for so long I would rather be dead, so doing nothing sounds insane! My 1st and 2nd toes got jammed, hyper-extended up and twisted spreading apart, likely tearing tendons and or trapping a nerve. Joints on both toes are out of align, hitting, pressing, pulling, tearing, pinching and crushing together. I wish I could get my toes back in line , have my 2nd toe removed or cut the skin between the toes so they can move and reduce pressure.
I would be better off having my foot amputated. I have begged for help yet given no help, no options or pain relief!
I am being forced to kill myself lost my life savings.
In Washington State I am being toured.

Nov 25, 2013
I have the same exact thing most annoying aggravating nerve pulling tightness numbness sensation,
by: SSOS helpme

I had a bunionectomy with the second toe shortening done in aug 2013. I am going through the same thing! The most annoying pulling tightening sensation of the second toe, it is driving me absolutely crazy!!!!! I just keep thinking I am crazy with this but it is constant 24/7 and I cannot live like this!!! I am so very sorry I ever had the procedure done!!! I went for a second opinion and the doctor told me it was nerve damage and that you could just go on medication but he would NOT prescribe it since it has terrible side effects! If I wanted to get the medication I would have to see my primary physician to discuss all the implications!!! I am so upset and do not know what to do??? It feels exactly the way you describe it with the pulling and a string like feeling like someone has wrapped something around your toe. I had the same thing with the second toe being a hammer toe and the doctor trying to straighten it and now I have a slight bump on top of the foot just below the joint of the second toe. I do not know what to do??? If you have any further information to share please do .... Since I felt like I kept being told everything looked fine and I felt like the doctors were not listening to me! The second doctor listened but basically said there is nothing he can do.... He could try to redo but was not certain that that would do anything at all ..... I may have to let him go ahead and try because I CANNOT live like this!!!!! It feels like I have a hole in my sock and I need to get my trapped toe out it is the absolute WORST FEELING EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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