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For those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and achilles tendonitis one of the most difficult times of day is getting out of bed in the morning. The initial steps you take after a long nights sleep can be especially painful.

In an effort to dramatically reduce that pain and help eventually cure heel pain a night splint has become part of the treatment protocol. By wearing this device during sleep the plantar fascial ligament is not allowed to "tighten up", so when you take your first few steps in the morning the plantar fascial ligament is more relaxed and along with that relaxation is much less pain.

My favorite night splint is the low profile night splint

low profile nightsplint

I have been prescribing night splints for the last 4-5 years. The problem with most night splints is that they are too bulky and patients complain that they have difficulty sleeping because of the bulkiness. For many it is the equivalent of trying to sleep with a cast on their leg.

The low profile night splint on the other hand is a light weight, low profile device which slips on and adjusts easily. Additionally, the inside of the splint has an air filled pad for soft and gentle wear.

So if you have been suffering from heel pain of longer than 2-3 weeks with no real reduction in pain you should seriously consider a night splint to help remedy your pain. Remember, with most cases of heel pain, the longer you wait to institute treatment, the worse the pain generally gets and the more difficult it is to get rid of.

The brace itself will fit either right or left foot. It is sold in 2 sizes, medium for mens shoe size of 7 1/2 to 10 and womens shoe size of 8 to 10 1/2. Large for mens shoe size of 10 1/2 and larger and womens shoe size of 11 and larger.

As with all products that I recommend if you are not sure about your condition and if the night splint will help feel free to email me. Your question is confidential and will not show up any where on Foot-Pain-Explained Your privacy is guaranteed.

The price of the Airform Night Splint is $48.00 plus S+H.

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