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nonunion toe fracture

I broke my toe several months ago, pinky toe, by stubbing it. I buddy taped it, but it never seemed to heal correctly. I finally went to a podiatrist, and turns out it never healed at all.

My choice is do bone stimulation and try to get it to heal, or surgery, and remove the chunk of bone that broke off (it's fairly big actually, or looks it to me).

I'm leaning towards the surgery because it's a faster fix (and concern that if it didn't heal to begin with, it might not heal with stimulation, and then I'd be left with the surgery anyway). The idea of wearing this boot for a few months isn't appealing.


I guess I am just old fashioned, but if this was my toe, I would want to do all that I could to keep all parts intact.
Bone stimulation is a great modality and DOES work, particularly if it has only been several months.
Secondly, if it is a large piece of bone that has to removed you have to be concerned about the after affects as it will change the architect of your foot primarily by making your little toe even shorter. This then can create excessive shoe pressure on the fourth toe and depending on the types of shoes that you wear may create a constant painful corn on the fourth toe and that is never good.
Lastly, although I do not know exactly where the break is, your doctor could go in, clean out the fibrous union (nonunion) and put temporary pins in there to re-fuse the broken bone, which to me sounds like a better idea than having a large piece of bone removed.
Marc Mitnick DPM

Comments for nonunion toe fracture

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Jun 21, 2009
Non-Union Toe Fracture
by: DJS

I ,too, have a non-union fracture of the small toe

I stubbed it in Novemberbband it is June and still broken. I am afraid that it will never heal.

I was given a bone stimulator to use at home for twenty minutes daily.

I am having trouble placing the disc of the bone stimulator in the correct place.

Walking is painful. I have not been able to get into a regular shoe in months and my narrow foot can move around in a "surgical shoe" that I was given.
My Dr.wants me to have a stiff sole added to my own shoe- but I can't get into my own shoes !

I have noticed that my toes are curled on the same foot and my Dr. says it is "Hammertoes".
I do not have this on the other foot and do not remember having this prior to the toe fracture.

could this be related?

how are hammertoes treated?

can vitamins or supplements help with bone healing ?

thank you for your time.

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