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numbness, tingling, cold foot

by Pat W

Last November, I sustained a stress fracture on my left foot of the neck of the 5th metatarsal. The first doctor I saw treated it with an air-cast walking boot & sent me back to work after 4 weeks. I had enormous pain & swelling but the first doctor just told me to give it a couple more weeks & keep taking pain meds. I went to a foot specialist to get a second opinion. On an x-ray, it looked like the break just was now either a delayed union or non-union fracture. Since I was almost 6 weeks out at this point, the doc recommended a bone stimulator which eventually did do the job of healing the fracture. Last week, I started putting weight on the foot & walking slowly & carefully. I have alot of numbness & tingling in my toes & ball of my foot. It is especially numb between my big toe & second toe. And across the bottom of my toes, I have pain which worsens the longer I walk. The other night I noticed my whole foot was like a block of ice, really cold, while my other foot was nice & warm. Can you give me some idea of what might be going on & various possible treatments? Thanks so much. Love the website. P. Walden

Hi Pat,
I am a little concerned about your symptoms, please read my section on CRPS and see if the description there does not sound like you. If so you must see a doctor immediately.
Having said that and without the luxury of not being able to examine you there is also the possibility of a nerve irritation from wearing the cast; I assume you continued to wear it while you had the bone stimulator.
In either event please bring your symptoms to the attention of your doctor because the symptoms you are experiencing should not be occurring.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Apr 22, 2009
Wondering why my left big toe goes to sleep
by: Anonymous

HI I am experiencing some odd feelings in my left big toe(only)from time to time. I don't have to be doing anything in particular when it happens. It feels like its going to sleep and gets cold. It doesnt last but a min. or so and goes away. I have no injuries, but I am trying to see what may cause such an odd thing in this toe only. Any ideas?
Thank You,
Mississippi Wonders

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