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outer edge of my foot hurts mostly while working out on the elliptical

by Linda

i wear arch supports formed for my flat feet. lately the outside edge of my right foot hurts, when i'm on the elipitcal trainer , is this stimming from by lower back or hamstring

I have had physical therapy for my back, when the discomfort goes down the outside of my shin,
When on the elliptical, i do the integral workout.


Hi Linda,

I am not sure the outside of the foot pain is coming from your lower back as I would first look at the sneakers and arch supports you wear as the source of the this type of foot pain.
As you have probably noticed, wearing orthotics (arch supports) raises your arch and forces pressure on the outside of your feet.
This in combination with a pair of sneakers that are either too narrow or perhaps have too much stitching on the inside of the shoe may be causing your discomfort.
You do not specifically mention the which part of the foot on the outside hurts but I will guess either the bulge just behind the fifth toe which would be the fifth metatarsal head, or perhaps midway between the fifth toe and the ankle bone, which would represent what is known as the fifth metatarsal base. In most people there is an outward flare of the foot at this location.
In addition to raising the arch of the foot, an orthotic also takes up space in the shoe and in many cases can cause the shoe to be too tight from side to side and once again aggravate the outside of the foot.
Try wearing your sneakers for a short period of time without the orthotics and see if that makes you feet feel better.
If so than you might be wise to go out and buy a wider pair of athletic shoes. Make sure you are fitted for new sneakers with your orthotics so that there is a good comfortable fit.
If removing the orthotics does not improve upon your foot pain, then I would suggest you make an appointment with a foot specialist in your area and let he or she determine where your pain is coming from.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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