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pain in left foot on the outside about the middle of the foot.

by Lydia
(Killen, AL, USA)

The pain started 3 going on 4 wks ago and has continued to worsen. The pain is pretty much constant and sometimes gets real sharp. The bone is very sore when I press on it, and from the middle of the foot all the way to the ankle I am experiencing lots of pain. I have pain when I am resting, or walking, even when I go to bed. Sometimes I have pain when I have my foot just hanging off the footrest of the recliner. I have used the RICE method and done everything I know to do. I don't have a clue as to anything I could have done to injury the foot. I have already had 2 surgeries on the left foot to repair my Achilles Tendon and I have been to a podiarist just this past week. The Dr. said he thinks it is tendonitis (sp?), but with the pain I am having I am thinking it could be a stress fracture. The x-rays show that I have a lot of spurs on my foot but they don't usually cause pain.

Hi Lydia,
I would think stress fracture as one of the possibilities but if the xray is negative for fracture you could consider an MRI which would both show any fracture or the degree of tendonitis.
I do agree with your podiatrist. Based on a normal xray my next thought would be tendonitis, however, if the pain does not begin to diminish with appropriate care, then an MRI might be a good idea.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Jul 28, 2010
continued pain in left foot on the outside about middle of foot
by: Lydia

Dear Dr. Marc,
On Tuesday July 27, about noon I was walking back from my mailbox when a horrible pain suddenly hit and it was so bad that it literally took my breath away. From noon through the remainder of the day my foot hurt so terribly bad that I could no put any pressure on it and it hurts to pull it back and also very swollen. I stayed off of it as much as I possibly can but the pain is just continuing to worsen. Thanks for your comments

Jul 27, 2010
Could this be my problem?
by: Gloria

Dr. Doctor,
I read this post and am experiencing similar pain. My problem started about 3 days ago. A sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my left foot towards the middle. It's an inward pain, and the sharpness is getting very severe, and it lasts a few minutes then goes away only to return. I haven't seen a doctor yet, thinking it will go away. I thank you for your time.

Jul 26, 2010
Pain in left foot on the outside about in the middle
by: Lydia

Dr. Marc,
Thank you for your opinion. Last week the Dr. did and injection in my foot and the pain has not diminished at all. I go back to the podiatrist on Aug. 4, but as of now July 26, I am still having lots of pain and it seems to be getting worse. I am in agreement on the MRI and feel that is the next step. Thanks again for your expert advice.

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