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pain on right foot....

by Samantha


Ok.. this is going to sound strange. I think I have two problems.
Firstly, on both of my feet I have suffered acute athletes foot. It has cleared , however, I have now on all ten toes nail fungus. I have an idea that I need persciption to take by mouth and a cream for the nails..understandable. problem solved on that one.

Second,my problem is the right foot where I have some moderate discomfort for months.It's located on the dorsal lateral side where the proximal phalanges & lesser metatarsals meet.It seems that my foot gets really stiff & difficult to walk at times. And, it's tough to put a shoe on when those bones are being squeezed. The pain now seems to be getting worse and affecting the third toe.

I'm thinking it could be a fracture of some kind or am I gettng old??? How can I fix this???

thanks for reading!

Hi Samantha,

Well, you are getting older, but I do not think that is the source of your problem.
In general fractures do not move around, pain is usually limited to the bone that is actually broken.
Based on your 'story' my first thought would be tendonitis as that is probably the most common cause of pain on top of the foot in the area you mention.
My second thought would be of a neuroma (see my article) because you mention pain when the bones get squeezed such as when you put on a shoe.
From this distance that is the best I can do for you; if the pain has lasted longer than a couple of weeks and does not seem to be getting any better, then the best advice I can give you is to see a podiatrist in your area.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Sep 02, 2009
pain on right foot...update :)
by: Samantha

hi again doc...
Thank u so much for the advice & the "ballpark figure" from a far distance about my problem. I think you're close tho.
I went to my doctor and he diagnosed it as capsulitis. He prescribed a 6 day treatment, for now, with small bitter & nasty tasting 4g MethylPREDNISolone tablets !(subing for Medrol)The other problem with a 3 month of Lamisil by mouth.
He said to keep my fingers crossed in hopes that the 6 day treatment can work..if not.. he would resort to shots in the foot! OUCH!

He don't like the idea & neither do i..i reckon this ordeal will teach me a lesson to take better care of my hooves! {feet}

thanks again take care!

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