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Rolled my ankle

by Wendy
(Bonifay, FL)

ankle before

ankle before

ankle before
ankle now

I rolled my ankle about 2 months ago pretty bad. I was walking with some heals and when I stepped down I heard a crunch and my ankle swelled up pretty bad but I knew it wasn't broken. So I iced it religiously and kept it in an ankle brace. I am 45 and haven't ever worked out before and after talking with my son, he suggested that I join a gym to strengthen my bones. So I joined a gym about 2-1/5 weeks ago and explained to them what was going on with me and I had to wear a brace on my ankle. So I actually hired a trainer as I have no gym ability and relied on the gym to assist me. They put me with a trainer that is 24 and does swimsuit competitions and after my first 30 minute training with her I wasn't able to sleep that night at all because my body was so sore. I went back and did complain but they told me that it is all normal. I went back for a 3rd visit with her and she had me do these steps ups using one foot and alternating about 3 sets of 15 on each foot. After that I requested a new trainer as I felt that she was literately killing me. I had another trainer that took it nice and slow with me on my fourth session but now my ankle has swelled back up and I am having to use the brace again. I think that I probably shouldn't have joined the gym until after my injury probably healed. Please give me your thoughts and input.


Hi Wendy,

You have made some poor decisions all the way in this issue with your ankle. When you stepped down, heard a crunch and then the ankle swelled up pretty bad, how were you so sure you
did not fracture your ankle? There is absolutely no way to know for sure, without an x-ray.

If your pain had persisted for more than lets say a week, in spite of icing and the brace, then a fracture should be at least ruled out. Even if there is no fracture, there is a very good chance you did some serious damage to what is known as your lateral ankle ligaments, which are the ligaments that attach the ankle to the foot and are subject to damage when you sprain your ankle.

Icing and the brace were fine things to try, but again, if the pain persisted (which it has), then you should have suspected more than just a simple ankle sprain.

To add insult to injury, you then joined a gym in an effort to strengthen your bones. Yes, exercise is helpful in women in preventing osteoporosis, but in your case it did nothing but aggravate your ankle.

If you have a small fracture or partially torn ligament in your ankle, then exercising on it was the worst thing you could have done. At this point all the exercise did was set you back in the healing process.

My advice is pretty simple. You sprained your ankle two months ago, and are still having a lot of pain. I think it is time to see a doctor. Simply because you need to know what you are dealing with in an effort to get better.

If there is a small fracture, simply icing it and wearing an ankle brace will not make it better. If you have torn ligaments, icing and ankle brace may not be enough.

So, at the very least you need an x-ray. Once you have determined the extent of your injury, you and your doctor will be able to come up with a plan that will allow you to get better faster.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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