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Severe Pain on the Outside of my left Foot

I have had gout before and i dont think this is it. My foot feels like its broken. At first it hurt more in the morning and then would feel good enough to walk on with in a few minutes. This is simular to Plantar Faciitis that I've read about, but its on the outside of my foot (Not the inside arch) and resinates from about an inch below my pinky toe and downward, but doesnt reach my heel. Like I said, the few days prior I could'nt walk to the bathroom when I first got out of bed; But within a few minutes the pain subsided enough(but still hurt a bit) to walk. This morning the pain was worse and hasnt subsided all day. I'm a Vet and have VA insurance, but dont want to spend a day at the hospital if all theyre gonna tell me is ice it up. I've had gout and this doesnt feel like it. Its more internal and has no exterior pain spot as all my gout has had. Besides, most of my gout has been around my big toe on either foot. This is more on the top and bootom of the far outside left foot. Any Ideas as to what this is? I thank you for any help.

Most pain in the area you describe is from a tendonitis. Of course there is always the possibility of a stress fracture which of course would require an xray to diagnose.
If you can tolerate anti-inflammatory medication like aleve or advil, I would try some of that for about seven to ten days along with soaking in warm water, wearing a rigid shoe and avoid going barefoot.
If that does not improve your situation then you will need to make a trip to the VA Hospital, if for nothing else, to get an xray.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Oct 27, 2015
Foot pain top left side
by: Anonymous

I was in excruciating pain last night on the top left side of my left foot. I couldn't put any weight on it. I went to the doctor today because I was concerned it might be a stress fracture. I noticed redness this morning. They advised me it was gout and prescribed an anti inflammatory.

Dec 31, 2010
new to me
by: Greatful Granny

Today is the first day that I have experienced the most excruciating pain. It is in my right foot and indeed, it feel as if the bones are broken. I don't think I have ever had gout, (although I've had nasty pains in my big toe), and I don't really know what the reason for this pain is. It was good to know that others have experienced this broken bones feeling. I guess I won't be "tripping the light fantastic" tomorrow night. (New Year's Eve)

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