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Some toes are purple after swelling lessened with a Grade II Ankle Sprain

by Sidney French
(Oxford, Alabama, USA)

I rolled my foot inward yesterday and sprained the ankle more than has ever happened to me. It was pretty painful for a couple of hours then it became less. Started with an ice pack for as long as could be tolerated every hour and ibuprofen until going to bed. Had some hiker support socks that I wore to bed with an elastic bandage wrapped around the ankle for compression because the ankle and foot had swelled to quite a large size.

After waking up, I unwrapped the ankle and saw that bruises had appeared on the outside and inside of the ankle. The swelling had gone down but the ankle and foot were still puffy. I did another ice pack then put on a pair of the support socks and wrapped the ankle with the elastic bandage, not too tightly, and put on a pair of high top hiking boots and laced the one on the sprain loosely. Spent the day outside doing some light walking but sitting down regularly and elevating the foot. The pain became less and less as the day progressed.

When I came in at the end of the day, I pulled off the boot, unwrapped the elastic bandage and pulled off the support sock and saw that the swelling had gone down to almost normal size but my middle 3 toes and right behind them had a bruise-purple look but were not tender to the touch like a bruise.

Is this normal after the swelling and sprain?

Hi Sydney,
You can have bruising away from the site of the original injury; we see this many times after surgery.
The discoloration should start to lessen in a couple of days, if not and if your ankle does not continue to respond, you would be wise to consider seeing a local doctor.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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