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sudden sharp pains on the top of my foot

i have been getting sudden sharp pains on the top of my left foot - about middle of the foot closest to the big toe(the top right side of my left foot - according to my perspective). the pain comes and goes no matter if i am sitting or walking or what shoes i am wearing. it is a sharp and almost burning pain that stings and goes away. I dont see any swelling, but it hurts right near a vein when i flex because i can feel the superficial vein above my bone that connects to the big toe. however, i have also been having pains in my left calf on the same right side. I was tested last year for blood clots in my calf and they found nothing. I also have a bunion on that same foot on my big toe side and have been told i have pronation. However, I did not have this severe pain on the top of my foot until recently. Could it be related? Is it something serious that I should worry about? I have an appointment with a podiatrist in two weeks, but I am worried if it could be a blood clot or something serious that I should see a doctor sooner, or could it be something like issues with my tendons?

Read my section on midtarsal fault and see if that sounds like the kind of pain you are experiencing. Although I cannot be certain it does not sound like you have a blood clot.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Oct 05, 2013
Help .... didnt want to go to the dr again for my toe!
by: Anonymous

I have many of the same type of symptoms that have been stated in earlier posts. On my right foot for the past several month (but increasing some) when I bend or flex my toes, or will just be walking I will get this shooting pain along the inside of my big toe or along the top of my big toe and down the top of my foot some. My some thought it could be gout, but I dont fit the criteria for someone with gout. Ice does seem to help, but pain goes away quickly.

Jul 17, 2012
by: Regina N

I am 26 years old and Ive been getting these sensations for over 2 years now off and on yesterday they began and last night i couldnt sleep at all it hurted so bad up to my knee.Its usuallyy my left foot andleg that feels this way but occationally my right leg starts to hurt out of n where through out the years if one leg hurts usually after the other one follows has any one figured this out yet

Jun 09, 2011
foot pain and sitting...
by: julie Stl

I started having a sharp pain on the top of my right foot after sitting "indian style" - the pressure of my thigh on my left foot may have caused this..i also have a vein in the same location

good luck


Jul 31, 2010
I have the same thing!
by: Anonymous

I'be had the same intense burning pain on the top of my foot off and on for a year. did you ever find out what it was?

Jun 12, 2010
by: Regina d.

For three days now i have been having problems with my right foot. Whenever i point my 3 middle toes upward or walk up stairs (anything involving lifting my toes) an inch above those toes start to hurt. I have no idea what is wrong and i just want to find out without having to go to the doctors.

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