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Swelling in middle of right instep

by Jean F
(Venice Florida)

For years I have had a swelling in the middle of my right instep. Last year I went to my poditrist and he did an x-ray and then ordered a MRI. It was diagnosed as a stress fracture. He also noticed that I was pronating left on that same foot and recommended a "Ritchie Brace" I wore the brace for a week or so but found it extremely uncomfortable as it rubbed against my bony ankles. I am very thin skinned and do not have much padding in my feet. Also I might add that I have also been wearing inserts for years having been recommeded by another poditrist years ago for aching feet. I am a bit disappointed with this last doctor. When I asked him how long I would be wearing this brace, his answer to me was very abrupt! "I do not have my magic ball with me today". I have not been back to him since. Can you help me!

Hi Jean,
If the swelling on the top of your foot was diagnosed as a non-healed stress fracture, and, if there is no pain (you do not mention pain), then why not just live with it as you know it is not a tumor or more severe problem?
I assume you are very flat-footed and that is why the second podiatrist ordered a Richie Brace, although I am not quite sure what he intended to accomplish with it. I have found them to be very uncomfortable for patients and I rarely recommend them.
I think you probably need to me in a good orthotic; make sure the pair you presently wear, have not worn out.
Lastly, I would write a note to the second podiatrist and tell him his condescending attitude was not very professional and in your mind made him look like he did not know what he was talking about, because he could not take 30 seconds and give you a "time line" as to what to expect by wearing the brace.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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