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Tingling, unbearable, pain in right foot

by Kayte

tingling in foot

tingling in foot

Saturday I jumped off a stage and both of my feet tingled worse than they ever have before. It wasn't that high, just a couple feet. I've felt the pain before like when I jumped down from something but it was only in one foot and not nearly as bad. Anyways its hurt so bad I almost collapsed and then about a minute or two later they felt better. The next day my right foot began to have the same tingling pain as the previous day. It is now two days after I hurt it and the pain is getting worse. I can't put pressure on my foot because of the pain and it even hurts while sitting. The pain is on the top of my right foot. The blue part in the picture I drew is where the tingling pain is located. What do you think is the matter with it?


Hi Kayte,

Tingling type pain is usually suggestive of nerve damage. The problem becomes one of where is the nerve injured to cause the symptoms you are experiencing.
Since it seems from your narrative that your problem is most noticeable after you have jumped down and landed on your feet the source of the problem could be any where from your lower back down to your feet.
The impact or shock from hitting the ground could cause enough of a "jolt" that it would disrupt a nerve as far up as your lower spine.
Having said that, it most cases where nerve pain would occur in the foot, it would generally be on the bottom of the foot. In your case, the pain is on top of the foot which makes this a little bit harder to explain.
You stated that you initially felt it in both feet but now are limited to one foot but it is very painful.
Because it is so painful, you also need to be concerned that perhaps you did more to the top of your foot than just injure a nerve.
Jumping off a stage, even a small height, could be considered trauma to the foot and for that reason you also need to be concerned about the possibility of a broken bone, or at the very least a chip (small fracture) in one of the bones on top of your foot. This would tend to explain the amount of pain you are experiencing.
I think it goes without saying that if you are in as much pain as you state, you need to see a doctor in your area, because no matter what I may think the problem is you are not going to get any better without proper medical treatment from a local doctor.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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