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Underfoot pain

by Peter
(New Zealand)

Hi. A pain has developed when walking or putting full weight onto my left foot. The pain is located almost exactly where the arrow on the "bottom of foot pain" diagram on your website points to metatarsalgia, although it is not in the ball of the foot but exactly between the two front "pads" in the slight indentation that exists there. It is not a surface pain but feels as if its coming from deeper inside the foot. There is no surface indications of anything abnormal. Some years ago I had a verruca and this pain feels similar to that - as if when I walk, I am walking on a very small hard lump..but this is coming from right inside the foot rather than the surface. Sometimes there is also a slight tingling feeling (very slight pins and needles sensation) when my foot is at rest - like when I am sitting at a desk.

Pressing hard on my foot with my hand doesn't seem to hurt, it takes full body weight and walking to notice the discomfort.
I have recently started doing a lot more walking, so wondering if that is a likely suspect in some way?
Many thanks for your consideration :-)

Hi Peter,
Your description sounds more like Mortons neuroma than anything else. Because a neuroma is a nerve condition, it can give many different types of sensation including pain.
If you are in a lot of pain, you should have your foot examined; if it is more annoying than anything and has not been present for more than a month you might want to wait and see if it subsides on its own.
Additionally, you mention a history of wart. If that wart was excised there is also a small possibility that some scarring from years ago may be pressing into the nerve giving some of the sensation you describe.
Good luck.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Dec 02, 2010
Psin under bottom of feet
by: Anonymous

Hello about a month ago i have been experiencing pain on the bottom of my feet at the heel, it is only bad when i wake up in the morning and try to get up and walk or if i sit for a long period of time this is very bad for me because it affects my job. What could this be.

Newnan GA

Apr 14, 2010
pain on bottom of foot
by: Anonymous


I have experienced pain on the bottom of my foot. It seems like a yellowish bumps running threw the bottom of my foot. The pain is really bad in the morning and gets better as the day goes on. Sometimes I can harfly even walk on it. What do you think this sounds like and how can I fix it, I am on my feet all day and they are very important to me.


Jan 24, 2009
pain under left foot
by: vivien

can any one help me i am experiencing very bad pain when walking, must say it is worse with no shoes on, it is in my left foot and have had it for 3weeks, it is just under the pads towards my toes a tingleing sensation but very painful when walking. many thanks

Hi Vivien,

Read my section on Morton's neuroma and see if that sounds like your problem. If so you will need to see a podiatrist.
Marc Mitnick DPM

Jan 14, 2009
pain in left foot
by: viv

hi peter new zealand, just to say that i am experiencing exactley the same discomfort as you, is your foot any better.

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