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very sore toe ends, red and painful

by carole

All small toes on both feet (not big toe), but particularly the right foot, are extremely sore and a bit red, and this makes walking very difficult unless I wear open walking sandals (and they don't look good with my posh frocks). My feet are usually cold but my toes feel hot, particularly in the evening. I have had this problem before. I can't remember how long it lasted. The current problem started last week when I walked round London in ordinary flat lace up shoes (about 4 miles on pavements) and my toes became uncomfortable. The following day I walked in the country, about 7 miles, wearing proper walking boots. That made my feet worse, but in appearance there is nothing to show that they are painful apart from a bit of redness. I am used to walking about 8 miles a couple of times a week, so it's nothing unusual. I always wear orthotics because I have flat feet and a bunion and with rounded (hammer?) toes. This means I often have uncomfortable toes, but not as bad as I'm experiencing now. During the summer, I wore open walking sandals because the freedom for my toes is so much more comfortable, and this was the first time I had gone back to wearing closed-in boots. I wonder if this is the reason, perhaps my feet have spread during the summer and they now rub the inside of the boots. Or could it be connected with poor circulation or gout? Any advice would be most welcome.

Hi Carole,
Obviously, I do not have the luxury of examining you, nor do I know your age or medical history, but any time toes are discolored with no history of trauma, vascular compromise must be ruled out.
Instead of trying to guess what is going on with your feet, why not see a local doctor and at the very least have your circulation checked.
BTW, based on your story, I do not think you are having a gout attack.
Marc Mitnick DPM

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Oct 25, 2016
sore toe read and painful
by: Diane

Hello cArole i have the same problem with my end left toe.. red and painful. I cant walk properly. Did you go to the doctor? What did you do to treat the sore toe? I tried warm water with salt, cold compress, betadine but didnt work. I cant even sleep. The pain is really excruciating.

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