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freezing foot and leg lots of pain after having my cast of my broken foot

by shelley

i broke my foot infact 4 of my bones in my foot metatarsals i think, other than the one leading upto my big toe. i had been in a cast for 5 weeks, had xrays during the 5 weeks too! when i asked if it has heald a little bit all i kept gettin was not much has changed . i had my cast of last week even though the doctor told me that the bones still have not healed! if its still broken shouldnt it be still in a cast ? and 4 bones still being broken is this right ? well since having the cast off i cannot move my two smaller toes they are so painful even to touch, i can put pressure on the bottom of my foot but when i lift it of the ground the pain is also suffering with blue colour foot and toes and to touch my foot and bottom half of my leg are freezing to the touch , i cant even get to the doctors to ask for help do u suggest mayb i should go back to the hospital!


Hi Shelley,

By all means you should get back to the hospital and make sure you use a different doctor this time. In an otherwise healthy individual, a simple fracture (non-displaced, with small separation between breaks) should heal is six to eight weeks.
If I understand your story correctly, you had your cast removed after five weeks, the x-rays failed to show significant healing and you were in pain, but nonetheless the doctor "discharged" you. Does not sound like quality medical care to me.
Not that the fact you are still in pain is important, but there is another issue going on here that concerns me.
That is the problem with the cold blue limb that you are describing. It would help me if I knew how old you are, your weight, smoking habits and any medications that you may be on, but since I do not have that information I can only go by what you have supplied me.
A foot/leg that is cold and blue, particularly if your other leg is normal in color and temperature, is highly suggestive of two problems.
The first is lack of circulation going into the foot. This may have occurred from a cast that was applied too tight as that would be the most obvious thought and again if I knew more about your medical history, there might be other factors that I could associate with this problem.
The other possible problem going on here is a condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This is fairly common more so in women and can occur secondary to wearing a cast.
Poor circulation and CRPS are both conditions that need to be treated immediately as they both have serious potential complications.
So for that reason I would suggest you get to the hospital immediately and be properly examined.
Going back to the partially healed fractures it is important to point out that if these fractures are not properly treated, you can end up with what is known as a non-union, in other words the fracture site does not heal with bone but rather scar tissue.
Although in some cases people will not have pain, in the majority of cases when a fracture does not heal due to lack of bone being laid down across the fracture site, the patient may end up in chronic pain.
So while you are at the hospital, have the fractures looked at and evaluated to see if further treatment is needed.
I would suggest you do this sooner rather than later.

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Marc Mitnick DPM

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Nov 06, 2012
reply to your advice
by: Anonymous

hi again thankyou so much for gettin back to me.. in reply to your do i smoke i do well did! as i was warnt from smoking from the consultant in the first place, i cant say i have quit but have cut down alot and on the road to quitting though its not a excuse but cutting down as much as i have is pretty good.. im 32 i dont kno my weight of by heart but im average not over and not under weight, im on no medication at all. goin back to the consultant discharging me i have a appointment on the 27th for a follow up! to me it seems a bit far .. my main worry was the blueness and coldness from my knee downwards. i do understand that i will epxperiance some pain in my foot due to the fractures/breaks and though i can put weight on my foot to bare my weight its still very very painful. i just dont understand if its still broken to why they would of sent me away with no cast/protection. they gave me a wedge shoe but if im honest its soft ontop and would still not protect me properly from further damage if i was to slip fall or drop something on my foot.. i have 3 young kids and finding everything very frustrating and hard thought iv been extra careful to not knock it or anything the thought of me doing so is hard to bare.. in goin back to another hospital, i hate the fort of wasting there time and think well mayb it should be like this.. and who am i to judge a consultants judgement on the whole going home without a cast on though its still broken, it has puzzled me and i really dont think this should of been the case... thankyou again for ur reply look forward to readin more

Now that I know your age, I would strongly suggest you not wait until Nov. 27 because the cold foot and leg is not a good sign and I personally think it needs to be looked at immediately.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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