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random pain in arch of my right foot after waking up

by vet tech

I am a 32 yr old female with lots of health problems but none thay I can link to this issue. Several months ago I woke up to an intesnse pain in my right foot at the base of my arch. Walking made it hurt more. It has happened several times randomly since then. It feels like a deep bruise or strain to the ligament I jumped off a roof top & landed on a dull metal pole. Normally, the pain goes away in a day or two...but, this time it is getting more painfull each day (today is day 3) & yesterday I noticed the whole area is pink in a circular shape in the middle of my arch. Each day it gets more noticeable & more painfull. I am not aware of any trauma that would have caused it the first time or any time after. I am prone to staph infections but to my understanding the pain & pinkness of Staph. Travels in a line rather than a circle...


I am not sure you have an infection for one reason I do not have the luxury of actually examining you, but just for the sake of clarity most infections do start in a circular pattern. A red area will form around the focal point of the infection and since it spreads in all directions, it initially will form a circle. It is only as it begins to spread that it may form a line.
Keep in mind that redness can also represents inflammation, so I do not know which you have.
As for the arch/heel pain you describe my first thought would be plantarfasciitis. To have an episode every now and then is not a major concern but since the pain seems to be getting worse, that is reason for concern. In my experience, the worst the pain of plantarfasciitis and the longer it has been going on, the more difficult it is to alleviate.
I would assume your job requires you to spend long hours on your feet. Most cases of plantarfasciitis can be successfully treated with some kind of orthotic device in your shoe.
My suggestion is to find a foot specialist in your area who can examine you and make an accurate diagnosis.
From there you will get proper treatment.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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