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Strange bump/blister on foot.

by Dustin

Other day stepped on a rock barefoot and bruised foot. Bruise went away but left a transparent looking bump, kind of like a deep blister that wouldnt leave and was very uncomfortable. Took a needle and toe nail clippers and dug the thing out. Rehealed and everything has been fine. Well, other day stepped on a toy left in the house, bruised my heel. Wouldnt you know it, it healed up but left behind that same kind of bump. This one is starting to get pretty uncomfortable and its in my heel so Im always putting pressure on it.

What are these bumps? Whatever they are they are caused by trauma/injury. Safe to dig this one out as well? Its a little deeper.


Hi Dustin,
Usually when a person steps on a foreign object a blood blister is formed which would not be transparent but rather "bloody" in nature. So, I am not so sure what is going on with you.
However, in either event both problems were due to trauma and at the very least sound like blisters that were formed from the trauma.
I know nothing about your medical history, but assuming you are in good health you can certainly try and pop this blister as well.
Keep in mind that the skin on the heel tends to be thicker than the skin elsewhere, so it may be a bit more difficult.
If you do attempt to treat this yourself then read my section on blisters for tips on how to care for them.
Keep in mind, because this is your heel, if you improperly treat this on your own, the pain will probably be worse than it would be elsewhere on your foot.
I would be remiss if I did not suggest to you that a visit to a podiatrist would probably be a better option than self treatment, as the doctor will be able to make a proper diagnosis and based on that diagnosis advise and treat the problem.

Marc Mitnick DPM

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